dolly sled

Featured Rental Item: Porta-Glide

All dolly sleds use skateboard wheels that develop flat spots very quickly when the dolly comes to a stop.  Pacific Grip’s new Porta-Glide dolly troughs from Losmandy solves this problem!  The wheels sit on the track so that all wheels are touching simultaneously, and just like other sleds, they will flatten slightly.  What makes the Porta-Glides unique is that each of the wheels has a different diameter.  As they turn, instead of 16 flat spots hitting in unison, each of the Porta-Glide wheels gets to it’s flat spot at a different time, making the spot undetectable.  The Porta-Glide sleds are also ideal when using a tight radius curve track, such as 10′ or 14′.  Each sled has one locked and three pivoting wheel blocks.  This allows the dolly to be centered on the track for a smoother, safer ride.  Feel free to call us with any questions!  And check out Losmandy’s website for more information on the Porta-Glide and Porta-Jib Series:


Portland, OR
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