Grimm starts the back 9

If you haven’t had a chance to watch Grimm on NBC, then you are missing out!  A drama series inspired by Grimm’s Fairytales, Grimm started filming in August 2011 and the first seven episodes have been such a  hit for the network that they have returned to film another nine episodes.  You will burst with pride when you see the swollen cadaver in the park blocks, the local street names and districts fly by during heart racing chases, dance parties on the street car and the myriad of Portland talent, both on screen and off, that make Grimm such a thrilling show.   Pacific Grip & Lighting is proud to be providing the electric, generator, dolly and distro gear used on the show.  Hulu.com is currently showing past episodes and the latest episode in the series is tonight Friday February 10th at 9pm.  Get cozy, turn the lights down low and don’t forget to lock your doors!


Portland, OR
Seattle, WA